Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services to make this a better world, be it the general social development within an organization and its stakeholders, the safety culture in an organisation to improve the health and safety of employees and the public, a cleaner and greener environment, the successful start up of a new project or company; or the improvement of the social environment through education and awareness programs.

We aim to deliver the above through the expert services we provide, from corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs where communities directly benefit of the organisations action, to In country value initiatives where the benefits are spread among a greater population, yet ultimately benefit the organisation which we serve. The same goes for Health and Safety, here the organisations employees benefit from improvements in their workplace, which generally results in higher motivation, with better productivity, improved sales, satisfied customers and lower cost.

What's New
  • Think Tank and Innovation strategies for large scale developments and projects, where we incorporate start up with new innovation, such as renewable energy projects, recycling techniques, smart city projects and similar.
  • Last few days to enroll for the PMP training

Welcome to “Qualies”, the Organisation for Quality and Innovation Strategies.
We would be delighted to work and collaborate with you, providing our services, sharing our experience and making use of our and other experts knowledge to make your business, idea or green project “grow ”.

make your business, idea or green project
“grow ”